Cheng Sheng was founded in 1990, as a traditional Taiwanese furniture manufacturer.

Due to adopt the high quality of its products, Cheng Sheng became the most important

supplier for PVC boards in Taiwan. In the past centuries, Cheng Sheng has been selling its products throughout the country reaching big cities and small towns.

After all those years, Cheng Sheng endeavored to develop DIY furniture to make

furniture easy to install and remove. In 2012, successfully invented a tremendous

DIY magnetic storage boxes named iTAR.  iTAR uses the top quality plastics’

100% water proof,  tooless, screwless, and fool-proof storage cabinet.

Cheng Sheng hopes to continue reaching customers in every corner of the world by

doing what we do the best – To Serve Our Customers The Best Only!

工廠09   工廠06

Our factory:

Cheng Sheng set up high standard production control, a

further guarantee of quality for consumers.